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Specialised in Start-ups, IT and growth
You are a start-up or IT business that needs a creative powerhouse helping you out in all of your marketing, branding, growth, presentation, advertising and social efforts. You want it flexible, fast and professional.
Look no further, you are in the right place!

Marketing Strategy

"If there is no strategy, there is no win!"

Marketing is “the” important thing today. It’s like a jungle out there and only the smart survive. Let’s face it. You need a plan and you want to make sure this plan works. We’ll make it work. We did it for everyone else. Why not yours?


It's a brand's world! Emotions matter.

Your brand is the essence, the life, the meaning of your company. It needs to reflect who you are and communicate it to your audience. Remember, first impressions are very important. So are the upcoming days!

Creative Services

From head to toe, all the creative input you need.

Pitching decks, web specials, email designs, product videos, tutorial animations… Out of the box and exactly what your brand needs. No jokes.


Start the conversation and get inspired.

It takes much more than posting a story and a couple of images to attract your audience in this ever-changing environment. We’ll create a sustainable plan, create the posts and visuals, post and track them for you. Also, manage the community, create buzz among followers; just the exact amount of attention your brand needs!

Marcom Campaigns

Plan ahead the competition

It’s not only social but a mix of marketing actions that will elevate your brand. It is crucial to plan, create, design and execute; don’t forget about measuring and reporting. All things campaign-related, we can provide for your brand.

Program-matic Ads

Reach your audience at the right moment.

Creating great content is not enough. It’s very noisy outside and it’s only a matter of seconds that you’re story gets lost. We provide smart, budget-driven programmatic ad services; effective and efficient.


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Hound has been delivering state-of-the-art creative marcoms work all around the world for over 12 years. We were there when the digital revolution started, and we were a part of it. We helped to create many brands and drive them to success. 

Hound specialises in start-ups and IT businesses. We deliver all the creative needs from strategic planning to campaigns. We help you to position your business, define your image, talk to your clients confidently and establish growth. 

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